PocketBible Works of Josephus (WOJ)

PocketBible Works of Josephus (WOJ) 2.0

WOJ features five titles which come from the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus
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PocketBible Works of Josephus (WOJ) 1.0 is an add-on for the use with PocketBible.
The add-on features five titles which come from the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. The titles include Life of Flavius Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, and The Wars of the Jews, Against Apion and Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades. The works of Josephus are easy to navigate using the table of contents featured in the software.

The add-on provides details about Josephus who was born in 37 A.D. in Jerusalem. He had a family of priestly and royal prestige. He was sent to Rome at the age of 26 to get the release of several priests that were imprisoned by Nero. Josephus worked for the Romans to persuade the rebels to surrender during the time of his imprisonment. Josephus wrote a history of the war, which he finished in 78 A.D., the Jewish War. His second work was the Antiquities of the Jews, which was completed in 93 A.D. He wrote Against Apion in about 96-100 C.E. and The Life of Josephus.

The add-on provides a great insight for the user into the past as well as the works of Josephus.

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